Water Optimization – Lessons From The American West

Date: December 2nd 2015, Time: 18:00 to 21:00
Location: Holiday Inn Sports City Khobar

Sponsored by ECB

Presenter(s): Steven C. Jones and Gordon Jones


Utah, USA-based engineering firm Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) has helped meet water challenges in Utah and the American West for over 40 years. HAL has recently completed water optimization studies in compliance with Saudi Aramco’s Water Conservation Policy (INT-11) in order to assist in the promotion of water efficiency, responsibility, and sustainability for their respective projects and throughout Saudi Arabia.

Utah is the second driest state in the United States. Much of the state is classified as a desert, and only those areas accessible to freshwater are inhabited. Surface water is available only seasonally, and groundwater must be used sustainably. Yet with an attractive economy, environment, and lifestyle, Utah ranks consistently among the fastest-growing states in the country, and with that growth comes water demand. Utah already uses 40% more water per capita than the national average, and both demand and supply must be managed accordingly. The combination of increasing population and limited water resources in a semiarid climate presents unique engineering and policy problems similar to those in Saudi Arabia.

The presentation will focus on HAL’s experience in the American West in regard to water optimization and will relate those efforts and findings with the optimization opportunities in Saudi Arabia. This will include looking at the following aspects of water optimization: source, production, use, reuse, energy, losses, water quality, system performance, and conservation. HAL has become a recognized leader in water and energy auditing and conservation, water systems optimization and water modeling. It is less expensive and more sustainable to identify ways to save water and energy than it is to produce more. Data shows there are significant opportunities in the United States and Saudi Arabia. Several case studies involving optimization efforts will be presented as well as data showing water and energy use reductions resulting from implementation of our recommendations.

Water Optimization Studies – Lessons Learned and Helpful Tools

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