Enviro Arabia 2007

Date: SEP 19, 2006
Location: Saudi Arabia


The Water Environment Federation: Responding To The Challenges To The Global Water Environment-Paper Loay Al-Musallam
Water Environment Federation: Responding to the Challenges to the Global Water Environment Diana DePinto
The Rapid Growth in Desalination - How is the Industry Responding? Robert M. Bryniak
Membrane Biological Reactor Design, Operations and Maintenance -Workshop Dion L. Tenhorn
Wet Air Oxidation for Disposal/Treatment of Spent Caustic in Petroleum Refineries and Ethylene Plants Dave Husen
New WW Treatment Options for Refinery Wastewater Daoud Khader Sliat
Applying Lessons Learned to the Designs of MBRs for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters Daoud Khader Sliat
Detrimental Consequences of Desalination Plants Liquid-Effluents on Seawater Stability in the Arabian Gulf Daoud Khader Sliat
Optimization in Plant Efficiency and Environmental Impact Daoud Khader Sliat
Integration of Environmental Consideration in the Saudi Independently Financed Water and Power Projects Daoud Khader Sliat
Overview of Environmental Studies at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Saudi Arabia Daoud Khader Sliat
Improving our environment by controlling existing thermal power & desalination plants emission Daoud Khader Sliat
Engineered wetlands for treating petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated water Daoud Khader Sliat
Innovative Oil/Water Separation Flotation Technology Reduces Costs and Improves Performance Daoud Khader Sliat
Produced Water Treatment Plant (Case Study), Adar/Agordeed Field Production Facilities – Sudan Daoud Khader Sliat
Biosorption of Petroleum Priority Pollutant on Immobilized & Free Algal Cells Daoud Khader Sliat
Wastewater Treatment using Membrane Bio Reactor Daoud Khader Sliat
Membrane Bio-Reactors Daoud Khader Sliat
Zenon MBR Systems Daoud Khader Sliat
Successful application of ACWa SMBR in Middle East Daoud Khader Sliat
Technological Advancement of SMBR – The Submerged PURON System Deepak Raina
Al Ansab Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility Nicholas B. Cooper
Odour Assessment of Marafiq’s Wastewater Facilities in Jubail Industrial City, KSA K. Z. Subaie et al
Saudi Aramco efforts on Wastewater Conservation and Reuse Thamer S. Al-Mutaire et al
Selective Recovery of Cadmium (II) IONS fro industrial waste effluents using supported liquid membranes Mohammad Waqar Ashraf et al
Phenol Degradation using Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors B. Ayati et al
Determination of Biokinetic Coefficient for Membrane Bioreactor Process in Treating Oily Wastewater Muhammad Muhitur Rahmana et al
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