Water Arabia 2011

Date: Jan 31- Feb 02 2011
Location: Kingdom of Bahrain

Technical Program A

Exploiting Impaired Quality Sources for Drinking Water Dr. Gary Amy, KAUST Water Desalination & Reuse Center
Water Pinch Analysis Dr. Subhi Al Jeshi, Saudi Aramco
Low Energy Desalination John Kiernan, Siemens
How to Properly Specify a UV System for Disinfecting Water or Wastewater Dr. G. Elliott Whitby, Calgon Carbon
An in-Kingdom Developer's Perspective and Experience in Water and Wastewater Utilities BOO(T) Development George Antonopoulos, SETE
Cleaning Clay from Fouled RO Stephan Chesters, GENESYS International

Technical Program B

Sustainable Urban Water Management,the Case of the GCC Countries Dr. Waleed Zubari, Arabian Gulf University
Oily Wastewater Reuse Technologies William Conner, Saudi Aramco
Advanced Ultrasonic Flow Meters Iryna Gryshanova, Sempal

Technical Program C

Sustainable Water and Food Security in KSA Under Scarce Water Conditions Dr. Walid Abderrahman, Miahona
The Impact of Environmental Regulations on Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Thomas Schultz, Siemens
Parameters Affecting Wastewater Filtration in Arid Regions Dr. Mohammed Al-Qadi, National Water Company
International Regulation & Trends in Wastewater Reuse Dr. Mohammad Dahab, WEF Past President
Wastewater Reuse Regulations in the GCC Boris Ginzburg, GE Power & Water
Does Your Marine Sanitation Device Comply With the Latest IMO Rules? Dana Casbeer, Severn Trent De Nora

Technical Program D

Improving Economics of Industry by Effluent Recycle Option Vikrant Sarin, Aquatech
Post-Treatment of Desalinated Water Dr. Nabil Nada , Arabian Company for Water & Power Projects Intl.
Carbon Foot Printing of Desalination Systems Dr. Frans Knops, Norit
Innovation in Project Contracting in the Water & Wastewater Sector Robert Bryniak, Golden Sands Management Consulting

Technical Program Session E

Aerobic digesters with Membrane Thickening Steve Kennedy, Ovivo
Walnut Shell Filters & Reuse Possiblities Dr. Mike Howdeshell, Siemens
Designing for Health and Safety Nicole Ivers, CDM
Chlorine Dioxide as a Successful Antifoulant Treatment in a Large Cooling System Case-History Giuseppe Petrucci, ISIA International Dubai

Technical Program Session F

Experiences in the Development of the BAPCO WW Treatment Plants Essa Al-Ansari, BAPCO
Saudi Aramco Experiences with MBRs Subhi Al-Aama & Thamer Al-Mutairi,Saudi Aramco
Energy Efficient MBR Design:Rabigh Refinery, Saudi Arabia Dr. Dirk Herold, KOCH
Abqaiq Plants’ Experience in Simplifying the Steam Generator Water Treatment Program Ensan El-ayoubi & Fahad Al-Senayin,Saudi Aramco

Technical Program Session G

Optimized Pre-Treatment for RO-Plants Biofouling Management with BiosS-Treat Technology Essa Al-Ansari, BAPCO
Al Hidd IWPP Isao Takekoh, Sumitomo Corp.
Nano-filtration coupled with Thermal Desalination for Very High Salinity systems Sanjeev Varma & Dr. Manfred Ried,Aqua Swiss AG
Advanced Waste Water Treatment Opportunity for MBR Process Francois Dao, Acciona Agua

Technical Program Session H

Assessment of Wastewater Quality from Dairy Industries in the Kingdom of Bahrain Dr. M. Al-Mowali, Arabian Gulf University
DynaFilter® EcoWash™; Improved Sand Filtration Technology Roland Mueller, Parkson
Cloth Media Filter Retrofit Increases Flitration Capacity in Existing Sand Filter Basins of WWTPs in USA Hui Lin, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
Energy Efficiency in Mechanical Separation with GEA Westfalia Separator Andreas Rak, GEA Mechanical Equipment / GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH

Technical Program Session I

Sludge Dewatering Using Decanter-Centrifuges Desmond Chan, Alfa Laval & Mahmoud Moaikel, Saudi Aramco
Environmental Sustainability Through the Use of Nalco 3D TRASAR Technology for Open Evaporative Seawater Cooling Water Systems Posth Frederic, Nalco
Wastewater Management in Eastern Province on Life Cycle Approach Abdalla Mohey El-Dein, University of Dammam
Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Reduction With High Efficiency M2T Aerators Dave Evans & Rabea Manakhah, Saudi Aramco
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