Mark L. Graner for receiving the WEF Bedell Award for 2018.

On May 19, 2019, Mark L. Graner of the Saudi Aramco Utilities and Facilities Services Department (U&FSD) was presented the 2018 Arthur Sydney Bedell Award for his extraordinary contributions to the Saudi Arabian Water Environment Association (SAWEA) – the Water Environment Federation Member Association for the Middle East. Mark Has been a WEF member since 2008. Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point (1980) and a Master’s Degree in Hazardous Waste Management from Southern Methodist University. He now serves as the Assistant Superintendent for the Water and Sanitary Operations Section in the Saudi Aramco Utilities and Facilities Services Department. He has over 10 years’ experience with Saudi Aramco and 10 years water experience working for Siemens Water Technologies.

Mark was recognized for his outstanding contributions including serving two terms on the SAWEA Executive Board as the Secretary, four years as a General Board Member and three years as Membership Coordinator. Mark was instrumental in helping SAWEA establish most of its current administrative procedures. As the Chairman of the Exhibition Committee for the SAWEA “Water Arabia” Conferences Mark increased the number and quality of the vendors’ participation every year. The 2015 and 2017 conferences were each attended by 1,000 and 1,200 delegates and over 50 Exhibitors. In 2015 Mark was responsible for introducing a Poster Contest for local university students. The number of participants doubled in 2017 providing an excellent venue for student participation in Water Arabia and an opportunity for university students to showcase their senior projects. Mark provided numerous seminars for local universities and Saudi Aramco Professional Development organizations on water and wastewater treatment. During the past 10-years over 1,000 young engineers have attended his workshops.

Mark continuously provides support and motivation to everyone in and around SAWEA. He helps encourage development of technical functions as well as motivating students and young engineers to pursue water and wastewater careers. He encourages everyone in the SAWEA organization to “think out of the box” and come up with new ideas and ways to participate in constructive and professional activities. Through Mark’s vision, SAWEA has been able to benefit from the support WEF offers to its Associations. Mark is an avid promoter of WEF/SAWEA and the Water Arabia Conferences.

Congratulations to SAWEA Board member Mark L. Graner for receiving the WEF Bedell Award for 2018.

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