SAWEA Water Webinar

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Presentations are available 24/7 from February 1 to 18, 2021

Introduction of Japan
Cooperation Center for the Middle East
Introduction of Water Reuse Promotion Center and
an overview of Japan's advanced technology in seawater desalination
Hydrophilic PTFE MF membrane module for
oil contaminated seawater desalination
Advancements for Ultra-High-Pressure
RO (UHP RO) in Brine Recovery and ZLD
Energy recovery device DeROs ® reduces power consumption by about 50% of the RO desalination plants
Energy recovery system by pressure
retarded osmosis in seawater desalination plants
Automatic chemicals optimization technology and fouling analysis technology for suppressing biofouling of RO membranes
Reused RO membrane via an appropriate cleaning method
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