Water Arabia 2015

17-19 February 2015
Location: Le Merdian Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Design Workshops
Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Basic Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Nick Cooper AECOM
Basic Desalination Plant Design Workshop Dr. Corrado Sommariva International Desalination Association (IDA)
Basic Industrial Wastewater Treatment Thomas E. Schultz Siemens Energy Inc. – Water Solution

Opening Ceremony
Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Welcome Speech Hany K. Abu Khadra
Inauguration Speech Eng. Mohammed bin Ahmad Baghdadi
Highlight the magnitude of the water sustainability problem Dr. Abdullah Al-Alshaikh
The Water-Energy Nexus:Planning for a Sustainable Future Dr. Mohamed Dahab
NWC’S Evolution Towards Value Creation H.E. Dr. Loay Bin Ahmad Al-Musallam

VIP Dinner
Sustainable Desalination Technologies

Education / Industry Cooperation Dr. Alaa A. Bukhari
Addressing Water Scarcity in Saudi Arabia Jon Freedman

Technical Program
Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Water Network Design Principles Technologies Ahsan Ansari (Saudi Aramco)
Use of Non-Metallic Pipe in Water and Wastewater Applications Adel Badghaish (Saudi Aramco)
Reuse and Recycling Wastewater effluents Umapathy Dharmaraj (Saudi Aramco)
Application of Modern Plastic Piping Systems for Sustainable Water Quality Mark Jarrett (Georg Fischer)
Working with High Recovery Water Treatment Plants Mohammad Sammour (Veolia)
Development and Performance of Hybrid Depth Filtration Omar Gadalla (Parkson)
Environmental and Economic Impact of Using Natural Fiber in Landscaping Mousa Hamdan (MDH)
Membrane Technologies to Protect Membranes Peter Cartwright (Cartwright Consulting)
Treated Effluent (TSE) Reuse Applications and Challenges Mohammad Sammour (Veolia)
Humidification Dehumidification (HDH): From Theory to Plant Dr. Mohamed Antar (KFUPM)
Water Desalination Using Membrane Distillation Dr. Atia Khalifa (KFUPM)
Nanotechnology, an emerging and promising technology for wastewater treatment Dr. Fahim Hussain (University of Dammam)
Successful MBR Performances Test and Operation in an Oil Refinery Boris Ginzburg (GE)
Overview of Water Safety Plans Saudi Aramco Wastewater Treatment Equipment
On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation for Water& Wastewater Disinfection Randy Otts Parkson Corporation

Technical Program
Thursday, 19 February 2015

Saudi Aramco Efforts in Oily Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Thamer Al-Mutairi (Saudi Aramco)
Wastewater Odor Control: A Presentation and Evaluation of Technologies Georgios Ioannou (Integrity Municipal Services)
Future Water Demands in Saudi Arabia and SWCC’s Strategy Abdullah Al-Rubaian (SWCC)
Advancements in Media Filtration for Oil Removal from Produced Water Chad Felch (Siemens)
Treatment of MTBE Contaminated Water using UV/Chlorine Advanced Oxidation Process Amana Jemal Kedir / Bassam Tawabini (KFUPM)
Behavioral, Administrative, and Engineering Controls to Water Conservation David Good (Saudi Aramco)
Innovation for Waste Water Treatment Christian Tougaard (Alfa Laval)
Accomplishing Zero Liquid Discharge in Petrochemical Facilities Dr. Vikrant Sarin (Aquatech)
Development of RO Units for Treatment of High Sulfur Ground Water Dr. Habis Al-Zoubi (University of Dammam)
Wet Air Oxidation Pre-Treatment of Spent Caustic for Discharge to Biological Wastewater Treatment Bryan Kumfer (Siemens)
Evolution of Cooling Tower Technology Randy Russell (Tower Technology Inc)
Improvements to Brackish Water RO Plants Peter Szappanos (Veolia)
Technology for the Treatment/Reuse of Refinery Wastewater Joseph Sebastian (Siemens)
Reduction of Soil Salinity Levels Through the Use of Ero-Control Polymer Domingo Serpa (Agroworx)
Removal of Dichloromethane from Groundwater Samples Using Photo-Degradation Salawu Adio Omobayo / Bassam Tawabini (KFUPM)
Advances in Diamond Applications in Electrochemistry: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Scenario Dr. Nuhu Muaz, Dr. Nabeel Jarrah (University of Dammam)
Sky Water: Making Water from Air Howard Ullman (Atmospheric Water Solutions)
Evolution of Water Treatment Technology Syed Parvez Wali (Radian
Use of Biotrickling Filter Technology to Solve Odour and Safety Concerns at Dubai Sports City Sewage Treatment Plant Dr. Louis D. le Roux (BioAir Solutions)
The Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds on GAC Adsorbers Zeyad Ahmed (Saudi Aramco)









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