Water Arabia 2020

February 11,12 & 13 2020
Location: Le Merdian Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 PRESENTED BY
O&M of Wastewater Treatment Plants William Conner
Saudi Arabian Water Environment Association
Advances in Water Desalination Technologies Dr. Subhi Al-Jeshi, SAWEA
Mohammad Al-Hajjy, Saudi Aramco
Japanese State-of-Art Technologies JCCME
Introducing solutions to Saudi Water and Environment Demand
TORAY The Latest Technology for Membrane Based Desalination
TOYOBO The Latest Technology for Membrane Based Desalination
Japan Sewage Works Association Sewage Treatment Technologies including Sludge Management
Fuji Clean Sewage Treatment Technologies including Sludge Management
Fujitecom Digital Solution for Plant Operation, Maintenance and Managementt
Toray Industries Inc Reliable Simulation Technology to Predict Membrane Bioreactor Performance based on the Advanced Fouling Model

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 PRESENTED BY
“Water Scarcity in MENA Region” Dr. Mohamed Dahab
Past President - Water Environment Federation

Technical Sessions PRESENTED BY
“Identification and Characterization of Organic Material in Scale in Thermal Desalination Systems” Troy N. Green, SWCC
“Removal of heavy metal Ions from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on a Low-Cost Biomass” Abdulaziz N. Amroa, Taibah University
On Line Water Quality
(Presentation Not Available for Online Posting)
Mohamed Badran National Inspection & Technical Testing Co. Ltd. (FAHSS / TÜV NORD Saudi Arabia
“Utilization of 1st Pass RO Reject in Backwash for Multimedia Filters” Mohammed A. Al-Mugahwi, Saudi Aramco
“Design of a novel sour water stripping unit” Ali Al-Nasser, KFUPM
SOURCE: Sunlight + Air = Water
Vahid Fotuhi, Zero Mass Water
“(IR 4.0) 3D Printing For Sand Filters Laterals At SWID” Rakan Wajdi Banna, Saudi Aramco
“Removal of BTEX and Phenols from a Highly Saline Water Using a Pilot-Scale Advanced Electrochemical Unit” Bassam Tawabini, KFUPM
“Best Environmental Practices to Reduce the Impact of Unconventional Gas Development in Arid Environments”
(Presentation Not Available for Online Posting)
Mansor Kashir, Saudi Aramco
“Expanding the Envelope of Nonmetallic for High Pressure Applications” Saud A. Abudaly, Saudi Aramco
“Techno-economic evaluation of feasibility of solid waste recycling system from sewage treatment plant in oman”
(Presentation Not Available for Online Posting)
Abdullah Said Al-Sadi, MAJIS, Industrial Services S.A.O.C. Oman
“Toxic metals adsorption from water by recycling waste product”
(This Presentation not authorized for posting online)
Saidur R. Chowdhury, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
“Sustainable Circular Economy Approach to Optimize Biological Nutrient Removal Using Glycerol ) Bio-Diesel by-product ( as a Carbon Substrate” Sultan K. Salamah, Taibah University
“A Bench Scale Study Demonstrating Chloramine Disinfection Potential Using Liquid Ammonium Sulfate” Lamees Alkhamis, Stantec
“Low CAPEX and 75% material savings with Thermoformed Tube Settler Solutions for Enhanced Sedimentation” Pavel Sorejs BRENTWOOD

Keynote Address
(Presentation Not Available for Online Posting)
Dr. Wail S. Fallatah
Director, Center for Environment & Water, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Cooperation for water sector in Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 Miho Yoshihara
Director, Project Coordination, Office for Promotion of International Project, Infrastructure System and Water Industry, Manufacturing Industries Bureau. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan

Technical Sessions, Thursday, 13 February 2020 PRESENTED BY
“Ballasted Flocculation High Rate Sedimentation” Ryan Arbuckle, WesTech Engineering, Inc
“Efficiency of cerium modified palm oil fly ash in the catalytic ozonation of phenol” Mustapha Babatunde Muhammed, KFUPM
“Spatial Variability in the Physical and Chemical properties of Water in Al Asfar Lake, Al-Hasa Region, KSA” Mohammed Benaafi, KFUPM
“Autonomous Reverse Osmosis (Ro) Desalination System Powered By A Small Photovoltaic (Pv) System At An Isolated Greek Islet” Vaggelis Brilakis, TEMAK
“Solar Drying – Sustainable Biosolids Management Roland Mueller, Ciclo
“Abqaiq Plants Water Treatment Program Assessment” Mohammad Alajaji, Saudi Aramco
Sinking Groundwater Cost of Energy at Saudi Arabia Ridha H. Abbas,Saudi Aramco
A Novel Approach to Self-Optimizing Water Filtration Plants to Treat Municipal and Industrial Process Effluent for water Re-use” Guy Bolton, Alsuwaiket
“Cetamine® – Film Forming Amine technology for improved boiler efficiency” Königs Ingo, Kurita Middle East FZE
“Sustainable Industrial Waste Water Treatment System for Reusing Purposes” Faisal Al-Mutairi, Saudi Aramco
“Hybrid Filtration – Sand Filters” Abdul Qadir Jamaludin, Ciclo – Parkson
Chlorine Dioxide effectiveness on Microbial Corrosion-Case Study Mahmoud Alkahlout, Saudi Aramco
“Containerized Water and Wastewater Treatment Tailored Solution” Fahad A. Al-Khaldi, Fahad A. Alkhaldi & Partner Co. & Innovative Engineering Consulting
Cluster Analysis Technique for the Evaluation of Temporal and Spatial Variations in Water Quality of Wadi Henifa Mohab A. Kamal, King Saud University
“Performance Improvement of MSF Systems” Mohamed A. Antar, KFUPM
“Kurita´s biofilm control agent for membrane systems: Kuriverter™ IK- 110” Königs Ingo, Kurita Middle East FZE
“Strategic Water Supplies And Managed Aquifer Recharge” Nauman Rashid, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
“New Seawater Antiscalant To Save Energy And Water Consumptions Dr. Sai Ram Sudhakaran







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