Water Arabia 2017

October 17,18 & 19 2017
Location: Le Merdian Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017 PRESENTED BY
O&M of Wastewater Treatment Plants Workshops William Conner
Saudi Arabian Water Environment Association
Advances in Water Desalination Technologies Workshop Dr. Subhi Al-Jeshi,
Mohammad Al-Hajjy
Saudi Aramco

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 PRESENTED BY
Opening Keynote Session Dr. Mohamed Dahab
Past President - Water Environment Federation

Technical Sessions PRESENTED BY
“RTR Desalination Plant: A Journey to Operational Excellence” Sanad Beaiji, Saudi Aramco
“Versatile Tertiary Filtration Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment” Toby Sedgwick, Alfa Laval
“A Novel Approach in Estimating and Managing the Groundwater Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Dr. Martin Keller,
Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
“Desalination in Saudi Arabia: Changing the Game” Mohammed Al-Dhafiri,
Advanced Water Technology Company
“Upgrading Conventional Activated Sludge with Innovative MABR” Majd Hamdallah,
GE Water & Process Technologies
“How Best Management Practices Reduce the Impact of Unconventional Gas Development in Water Resources” Dr. Mansor Kashir,
Saudi Aramco
“Improvement of Multi-Effect Desalination Systems: Optimizing the Use of Vapor Compression” Prof. Mohammed Antar,
“Ammonia Nitrogen Monitor HC-200NH” Kinta Sekiguchi,
HORIBA Company
“The Safe and Secure Application of Modern Plastic Piping Systems for Water and Wastewater” Mark Jarrett, Georg
Fischer Piping Systems
“Desalination MSF Unit in Jeddah Refinery Muhammad W. Riaz,
Saudi Aramco
“Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Followed by Reverse Osmosis Filtration: A Novel Solution for Resource Recovery in Food Industry Wastewater” Petr Horeck, Veolia Company
Veolia Company
“A Field Study Evaluating the Delivery and Performance of Injected Liquid Activated Carbon for Remediation of Groundwater” Rick McGregor,
Institute Remediation Services
“Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generation System for the Disinfection of RO Product Water at the SWCC Jubail Plant” Dr. Mohammed Mahmoodur Rahman,
“Integrated UF + RO Application in Chemical Wastewater Reuse” Safiya Alsogair,
Dow Saudi Arabia
“Solar Water Purifier” Norah Alquwaie,
Newcastle University
“Restoring Design Production Capacity of the RTR MSF” Hassan Abu Al-Saud,
Saudi Aramco
“JAZAN IGCC Wastewater System for Sustainable Industrial Reuse” Ali Salman Al-Wadani,
Saudi Aramco
“Pump Energy Saving” Hideki Kanno,
EBARA Company
“A Study and Demonstration of High Temperature MED-TVC Desalination Technology in the Gulf Area” Younggeun Lee,
Doosan Water R&D Center

Desalination Industry in Saudi Arabia Eng. Rashed Al-Asmari
Saline Water Conversion Corporation Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Cooperation for Saudi – Japan Vision 2030 Koichi Inoue
Director for Project Coordination Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry (METI) Japan

Thursday, 19 October 2017 PRESENTED BY
“Effective Policies and Management of Water Supplies Utilizing Integrated Water Resources Management Framework in Saudi Arabia” Prof. Walid Abdulrahman
Vice President of the Arab Water Council and Member of the Supreme Steering Committee - National Water Strategy, Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
Technical Sessions PRESENTED BY
“The Effect of Source Water Quality and Chlorination on Biofouling in SWCC Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plants” Troy N. Green,
“Membrane Bioreactor for Industrial Applications” Hiroki Toyohara,
Toray Industries
“Water Conservation Through In-Plant Source Water Utilization” Vilas S. Koleshwar, Ayedh K. Al-Hajri and Kamarul A. Amminudin,
Saudi Aramco
“A New Non-Phosphorous Corrosion Inhibitor for Low or Zero Hardness Water” Sid Dunn, Baker
Hughes Company
“The Use of Palm Tree Fiber Waste as a Solid Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Dye” Basma G. Alhogbi,
King Abdulaziz University
“Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Enables Cost Effective Produced Water Reuse” Andrea Larson,
Siemens Water Solutions
“Membrane Distillation for Water Desalination: Air Gap and Water Gap Modules” Dr. Atia E. Khalifa,
“Optimizing the Use of Renewable Water with Energy Saving Wastewater Reclamation System with Membrane Technology” Hiromichi Ishino,
Kobelco Eco-Solutions
“Removing Problematic Sulphates from Abundantly Available Seawater to Boost Oil Recovery Operations” Nauman Rashid,
GE Water & Process Technologies
“Forward Osmosis Systems for Sea Water Desalination” Mr. Nobu Iwata, JFE Engineering
“Debottlenecking Water-Oil Separation to Increase Water Flow Rates in Mature Oil Fields” Dr. Maher M. Shariff,
Saudi Aramco
“Optimizing Performance in Industrial Cooling Water Systems using Treated Water as Makeup” Dr. Paul Beattie,
“Feasibility of Small Scale Solar Powered RO Desalination for Brackish and Saline Groundwater in Arid Regions: Abu Dhabi Case Study” Mohamed A. Dawoud,
Abu Dhabi Environment Agency
“The Removal of Carcinogenic VOCs at the Sub-Micron Level with Low Profile Air Stripping” Dr. Ziyad Ahmed,
Saudi Aramco
“Innovative Hybrid Ion Exchange-Nanofiltration Membrane Process for Water Desalination” Dr. Hasan Al Abdulgader,
“The Innovative Energy Efficient Seawater Desalination RO System with Advanced Technologies: “Mega-ton Water System” Yoshinari Fusaoka,
Toray Industries
“Abrasion Resistant Ultrafiltration Membrane Enables Refinery Wastewater Reuse” Chad Felch,
Siemens Water Solutions
“Air Gap Membrane Distillation: A Future Trend in Desalination Process” Dr. Habis AlZoubi,
Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University
“Successful Long-Term Operation Results of a Seawater RO Plant Using Hollow-Fiber Type CTA-RO Membrane Modules” Yuki Miura,
TOYOBO Company
“Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Options for Commercial and Residential Buildings” Dr. Shamim Shaukat Khan and Dr. Shifana Fatima Kaafil, Dar Al Hekma University
“Water Safety Plan” Mohammad Y. Al-Yagout and Abdullah A. Al-Ammar, Saudi Aramco












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